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Working on Drupal 8's entity validation API

tl;dr: I'm going to work on Drupal 8's entity validation system for the next two months with the goal to create a consistent API for entities and fields. Not only forms will be able to trigger validation constraints but also incoming data from web service interfaces, migration processes or any other code that wishes to execute the validation.

All your pants are in danger - CSRF explained

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a common form of attack against a web application. This post tries to shed some light on how it works and how exploits can be crafted. We will tailor this to a Drupal use case and example code.

Announcing Recruiter 1.0 - the road to our Drupal 7 e-Recruitment distribution

After more than two years of development, our team at epiqo is excited to announce Recruiter 1.0 - the final release of our e-recruitment solution based on Drupal 7. Go and download the fresh and shiny Recruiter 1.0 from drupal.org or read further, as I'd like to share some insights on how we have been creating the distribution as our base product over the last years.

DrupalJobs responsively relaunches on Recruiter RC1 and Omega 4

Just ready for DrupalCon Munich here at epiqo we are excited to announce the relaunch of DrupalJobs. Our demonstration website for the Recruiter distribution is now driven by the brand new Omega 4 base theme!

Mapping sprint bei den Drupal Developer Days Barcelona 2012

jobiqo Präsentation bei den Drupal Business Days

Letztes Wochenende fanden in Wien die Drupal Business Days statt. Dieser Event war die perfekte Möglichkeit, epiqo's neues jobiqo Service zu präsentieren: Unsere gehostete Variante der Open Source Recruiter Distribution, inklusive einem erweiterten Funktionsumfang. Mit diesem Service sprechen wir besonders Nichenjobportale an und bieten unseren Kunden eine schnell anpassbare, benutzerfreundliche und vielfältig einsetzbare Softwarelösung.

Drupal Developer Days Brussels

Drupal 7.0 veröffentlicht

Search API Screencast

Drupal 7 beta 1 freigegeben


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