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About us

epiqo Ltd. is a web development company that focuses on creating world class job board technology, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Our passion is developing innovative recruitment software.

Our team consists of MSc. and PhD graduates in computer sciences, business informatics, mechatronics and business and economics. They have studied at the Technical University of Vienna, University of Linz, University of Twente, University of Waterloo and University of California, Berkeley. We have in-depth knowledge of internet strategy, data management, semantic classification, and human resource and services management.

CEO Klaus Furtmüller, has led several Austrian Research Promotion Agency projects in the field of semantic technologies for HR software, he is our visionary, who continuously strives to develop innovative recruitment solutions. Since 2005 Klaus and his team have been developing the latest technology for online job boards.

We provide state-of-the-art building blocks for job boards, offering flexible, scalable and customizable HR solutions. As contributors to the open-source CMS & framework Drupal, we are dedicated to actively engaging with the community. Therefore we constantly refine the functionality of our e-recruiting software with innovative modules such as Rules and SearchAPI.

We want to get to know more about your needs and requirements. We engage with you to help develop the right internet-strategy for your target market.

We work with you to help launch your new job platform and share our experience with the operation and revenue generation for your job board.

Core Team

Scientific projects

Locating and classification of job postings using crawling and information extraction
Dipl.-Ing. Robert Führricht, Bakk. Techn.

Information processing of HTML-documents for automated processing of job postings
Dipl.-Ing. Florian Gusenbauer Bakk. Techn.

Development of an information system for semantic annotation of job postings with GATE (General Architecture for Text

Dipl.-Ing. Marc Kurz, Bakk. Techn.

Enhancing a Job Recommender with Implicit User Feedback
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lenz, Bakk. Techn.

Event-Condition-Action rules for distributed content management
Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Ziegler

Web Service Composition in Drupal
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Purer

Web-Crawler evaluation with reference to Deep Web
Andreas Dini, Bakk. und Philipp Lehner, Bakk.

Nondestructive generic data transformation pipelines
Dipl.-Ing. Jakob Petsovits

Online service platforms in the recruiting area
Michael Oppermann und Daniel Krennmayr

Analysis of corporate websites of Austrian small and medium-sized businesses with reference to their use in the e-recruiting area
Anna-Maria Kollegger

Using technology for global talent recruitment: Why HR/OB scholars need IS knowledge?
DDr. Elfi Furtmüller

Semi-automated enriching ontologies: a case study in the e-Recruiting domain
Joost Wolfswinkel, BSc. MSc.

Academic continuing education in Austria: Status and prospect with reference to the amendment of the act on academic education at the end of 2012
Ingrid Schmid, MPA

Geocluster: Server-side clustering in Drupal based on Geohash
Josef Dabernig, BSc.

Selected Publications


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Gefördert durch die Wirtschaftsagentur Wien.
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