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10 reasons why you should choose this job board software

1. Increase sales
    With innovative features

2. Quick implementation and easy to use
    Build your own job board with our
    flexible modules

3. Customisable designs and layout
    Pick your preferred design, content and structure to address your target market

4. Mobile Ready
    Optimized for mobile devices using responsive design

5. Open Source
    No vendor lock-in. Full control over source code

6. No additional hardware investment
    Online job board software-as-a-service.
    On request we can host the software as an all-inclusive package

7. Strategic Recruiting with integrated Talent Management
     Features for effective talent acquisition, talent management and talent retention

8. Applicant Tracking System
    Templates for communicating with applicants.
    Select individual or all applicants and contact them directly

9. Long-term costs savings in recruiting

10. Individual, unique and dynamic
       We can develop extra features for you upon request

Technical Features

  • Fully configurable job board
    Aligns with existing systems
    Works on all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
    CV forms flexibly customizable to your target market
  • Highest safety standards
    Encoding per SSL 128 Bit
    Fulfills strict privacy regulations

  • Basic features of the e-Recruiter system are open source
    You can trial all the features of your new job board in advance

  • Search engine optimization incl. SEO Booster

  • Semantic Matching of applicant‘s profile with job ads
    Multiple search filter criteria

  • Multilingual User Interface

  • Statistics, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Strategic Tools to retain your customers
    TalentPool (VIP, Insiderpools)
    Continuous new development in line with market requirements

FAQ Jobboard Software

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