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Drupal 7.0 finally released

A new milestone in web content management has been reached: Drupal 7.0 is out and ready for production use.

After nearly 3 years of hard work of the Drupal community a new major version of the popular content management system is available for download now. The official release announcement gives credit to those individuals that contributed to the development of Drupal 7. Huge improvements have been made to the scalability, usability, accessibility and developer experience of Drupal and tons of new features have been implemented. epiqo is already working with Druapl 7 for some time now, so we are ready to quickly adapt Drupal 7 and are building our future projects on it.

Drupal 7 release parties have been announced worldwide for Friday 7th January 2011, there will also be one in Vienna at the Metalab. We will be there too and look forward to celebrate with fellow Drupal enthusiasts.