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Drupal Developer Days Brussels

epiqo took part in the Drupal Developer Days last week, an event for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas

The mini-conference about Drupal development took place from February 4th to 6th 2011 in Brussels and attracted many people as well as companies. It started with a code sprint on Friday where developers worked on Drupal core and other important modules. We were happy to connect with people from the community, to plan joint developments and to help each other in solving problems. The following two days offered many workshops, discussions, talks and other sessions about the Drupal ecosystem. One topic was especially discussed at the conference: the entity system in Drupal and how it can be leveraged by developers to write better code. There was a session by Ronald Ashri about emerging patterns in using entities and there was a session by epiqo developer Wolfgang Ziegler (fago) about the Entity API module and its benefits. Another interesting talk was given by Thomas Seidl about the Search API module and its flexible search backends for Apache Solr, Xapian etc. All in all the developer days offered many informative sessions and the epiqo development team would like to thank the organizers for such a great networking opportunity and congratulate on such a successful event.